What Is Happening At The Space X Space Port In South Texas?

SpaceX is always working on some big projects and surprising us. This time we observed some activity at the space port located in Boca Chica. As always, Elon Musk keeps us updated... Read more »

A Dwarf Planet has Recently Been Spotted Outside our Solar System

Recently, astronomers made an outstanding discovery. While they were looking for another item called Planet X, scientists spotted a dwarf planet on the edge of our Solar System. When they noticed that... Read more »

Apple iPad Mini 5: Leaks to Show 2 New Products in 2019

New leaks on the internet show that Apple might have some plans regarding the iPad range and it might release at least two new devices in 2019. One of them will probably... Read more »

The Best Torrent Sites For January 2019

Torrenting is the simplest way to download the content that you need. You might want to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home or try out a new album.... Read more »

Many Commuters were Fascinated by a Mysterious Light that Appeared on the Sky

Many commuters were fascinated by a mysterious light that appeared on the sky on Wednesday. Those that managed to spot it offered creative descriptions. Among them some said they saw a giant... Read more »

Hurry Up and Get Minecraft’s Last Update for Outdated Consoles

Modern technique keeps amazing us every day. This industry is versatile and every day it presents new ways to use our mobile phones or play our favourite games. Consoles like Xbox 360,... Read more »

iOS 12.1 Downgrade No Longer An Option – What To Do Next?

After releasing iOS 12.1.2 yesterday and with iOS 12.1.1 launched earlier this month, the Cupertino company has announced that iOS 12.1 signing has stopped. Effectively from today, downgrading to iOS 12.1 is... Read more »

sesame street to add homeless muppet

The historic children’s program ‘Sesame Street’ will include for the first time a homeless character along with the usual ‘muppets’, such as the endearing Elmo and Big Bird. An initiative that those... Read more »
Largest known diamond discovere

Largest known diamond discovered here in Canada (PHOTO)

The largest diamond ever found in North America has been discovered by Dominion Diamond Mines and Rio Tinto Group in a mine in northern Canada. The yellow gem of 552 carats was... Read more »

New Peanuts Content Heading To Apple

In its quest for exclusive content for its future online video service, Apple has hit a big deal. Deadline reports that the tech giant will produce original programs in the universe of Peanuts . An agreement has been... Read more »