Atlas 5 Mission to launch Air Force Cube Satellite

A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket which is meant to launch a $1.1 billion military comms satellite this Thursday will use an experimental cubesat as a rideshare payload at the back... Read more »

Mars 2020: A New Chapter by NASA

NASA’s all-time favorite, Mars, comes up once again in our attention, this time with one of the greatest missions ever. NASA prepares for it a brand-new mission that involves new features and... Read more »

14 Million-Year-Old Discovery in Antarctica

The ice-covered continent of Antarctica is highly important to researchers and governments as multiple nations have agreed to carve out the continent since its discovery. In 2006 many of the countries that... Read more »

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Rendering Makes It The Car Of Your Dreams

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has just been released not even a month ago. Even though the model is new, we have already seen many different renders of the car. The most... Read more »

Cases of Hepatitis A invades Florida

Florida suffers upon new emerging cases of what it appears to be hepatitis A. With an incredible number of 56 new cases announced last week by the Florida Surgeon General, it was... Read more »

Milky Way Warped And Twisted

Recent studies show how the structure of our favorite galaxy really is and somehow, it’s a boomer. We all imagined the perfect disc-shaped galaxy, with curly edges and other multitudes of possibilities,... Read more »

How can we March Better in Order to Stop Ebola?

A true sad story related it to many times, offering the same results, indifference. How can we understand it better and stop its spreading? Questions with few answers, but still, people are... Read more »

Life Beyond Earth Exploration Needs Some Rules Against Contamination Of Other Planets

The series of decreasing orbits that the orbiter Cassini from NASA will probably end up burning while diving into the atmosphere of Saturn in September. This spacecraft is still serviceable, but the... Read more »

Remains Of A Medieval Woman Warrior Unearthed From A Viking Graveyard In Denmark

Archeologists were inspecting a Viking graveyard in Denmark when they came upon the remains of a medieval woman warrior. They thought she was a fighter because they found an ax near here,... Read more »

LightSail 2 Is Ready To Begin Its Mission

On Tuesday, the first spacecraft that uses the power of sunlight exclusively successfully started its mission, and now this small cube sat gets all the attention from NASA while flying the orbit... Read more »