Protester Shuts Down Faith Goldy’s Anti-Immigration Speech At An Ontario College

Just five minutes after conservative commentator Faith Goldy was slated to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) on March 20th, someone decided to disrupt the event by pulling the fire alarm. in response to... Read more »

ARYEH LEIB HURWITZ – an amazing Brooklyn-based singer and cantor

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world. His repertoire consists of many different melodic genres and songs in a variety... Read more »

Majestic Oil and Gas producer in Lousiana has been running in the USA since 1992

A statement by We are expert in oil and gas, professional team, fully equipment and extensive documents of 2800 oil wells. We are happy to announce that we reserve up to... Read more »

The Man Calling the Shots for Prime Minister Trudeau

In the tradition of Karl Rove and former United States Vice President Dick Cheney, there seems to be a man behind the curtain in Ottawa, and members of the Liberal caucus are... Read more »

John Horgan asks Trudeau for lower gas prices in BC

British Columbia Premier John Horgan encourages protest against the Kinder Morgan pipeline, but at the same time wants lower gas prices for Vancouver and his province. “I would certainly love to see... Read more »

ISIS hostage situation leaves 2 dead in French supermarket

At least two people are dead and dozens injured after a ISIS inspired attack inside a supermarket in southern France. The reason for the attach was to demand France officials release of Salah... Read more »

Five Campaign Promises Trudeau Failed to Keep

Justin Trudeau may look like a former member of a 90’s boy band, but the man can’t keep a promise. During his election campaign, he made a variety of promises. He kept... Read more »

Quebec Could Turn Conservative Thanks to Trudeau’s Shaky Mandate

After the 2015 election, Conservatives in Canada were pleasantly surprised with the gains made in Quebec. Conservative votes and representation in this province have been certainly modest since the Brian Mulroney era,... Read more »

Austin bombing suspect named as Mark Anthony Conditt

Police named the Austin bombing suspect this morning as Mark Anthony Conditt. The 24-year-old suspect killed himself by suicide blowing up bombs after he crashed when police chased him from the motel... Read more »

24-year-old Austin bomber dead, killed by bomb

The 24-year-old man who killed two people by detonating package bombs is now dead police say. Police traced the suspect to a hotel he stayed at, after fleeing the suspect crashed the... Read more »