Lyme Disease Carried By Ticks Could Be A US Army Experiment That Went Wrong

If we say that the US Army has failed during an experiment and this is why the Lyme disease has radically spread via ticks, we may sound like conspiracy theorists, but even... Read more »

Why Alzheimer’s Affects Women More Than Men

There’s new research that shows the first biological clues to why women are affected more than men when it comes to the development of the Alzheimer’s disease. It also shows that this... Read more »

New Studies Are Showing that HIV’s Genetic Code Appearance in Humans Was a Century Ago

A 38-year-old man from the Democratic Republic of Congo is the one that had a lymph node with a hidden RNA for more than 50 years. This little tissue was kept close... Read more »

Anorexia Is Also A Metabolic Disorder, Not Only A Psychiatric One

Anorexia, or anorexia nervosa, is an eating affliction which causes weight reduction due to fear of weight gaining. People affected by this disorder believe they are overweight and try to become as... Read more »

Drinking Alcohol While Sunbathing Increase Risks Of Skin Cancer

If turning into a crab is not part of your vacation plans, then make sure you do not get drunk on the beach while sunbathing. Most people develop cancer because they expose... Read more »

Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria Dies two Days Later

A woman from Florida has been talking on Facebook about a flesh-eating bacteria that her father had contracted while swimming. He died after 48 hours. She said that a flesh-eating bacteria sounds... Read more »

Can Sugary Drinks Increase the Risk of Cancer?

The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) issued a new study in which the risk of cancer is associated with the consumption of sugary drinks. While it is not the... Read more »

Coral Species That Survive High Ocean Acidity Levels, Found By Scientists

Some coral species have been found to survive high ocean acidity levels. Out of these, the Caribbean coral species are best suited to face the toxicity, and they can even flourish in... Read more »

China Perfects The Orbiting Time Of Rockets

China`s plans for space exploration are promising, willing to perfect the technology behind the cryogenic rocket engine and boosting the timestamp of their orbit from a few hours to 30 days. The... Read more »

Biology Breakthrough Gives an Insight on How Life has Started on Earth

Scientists from Rutgers and Rice Universities have elucidated a bit on the enigma regarding the way life on Earth has started. After observing proteins that are some major elements to metabolism in... Read more »